Performance, 10 min

Hoe Hoe Hoe, Santa just wanted to drink the milk and eat the cookies (that were laid out for him by the stepsister). How stupid that he slips on the really icy ground, falls and gets stuck in the cd player on the ground…BÄM…Like this, the clumsy Santa disturbs the sexy jingle bell rock show of Santa's little helpers... WHAT an obscenity! They get very very naughty and start to punish Santa with milk… until the stepsister interferes in the big winter hustle and bustle ....

The 10-minute performance "Jingle Bell Rock" was created for the institute's annual Christmas performance.

Performance and Conception: Anna Schill, Miriam von Kutzleben, Lucas Guigonis, Emma Hütt, Tina Muffler, Rosanna Rotach, Rheremita Cera
Live music: Rheremita Cera

PB 2, Giessen, Institute’s annuel Christmas performance

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